What are the synonyms for deprive?

Synonyms for deprive

divest impoverish strip

Definitions for deprive

  • verb - take away
  • verb - keep from having
  • verb - take away possessions from someone; "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets"
  • Pronounciation of deprive

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    Antonyms for deprive


    Holonyms for deprive

    No holonyms found for deprive.

    Hypernyms for deprive

    withhold keep back worsen take decline

    Hyponyms for deprive

    ablactate dock impoverish unarm clean out bereave starve bilk disenfranchise expropriate unclothe disestablish famish disinherit disfranchise clean unsex wean tongue-tie disown disarm dispossess orphan

    Meronyms for deprive

    No meronyms found for deprive.

    Sounds like deprive

    debrief deprave deprive