What are the synonyms for drachma?

Synonyms for drachma

Greek drachma dram drachm

Definitions for drachma

  • noun - formerly the basic unit of money in Greece
  • noun - a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce or to 60 grains
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    Antonyms for drachma

    No antonyms found for drachma.

    Holonyms for drachma

    No holonyms found for drachma.

    Hypernyms for drachma

    Greek monetary unit apothecaries' unit apothecaries' weight

    Hyponyms for drachma

    No hyponyms found for drachma.

    Meronyms for drachma

    No meronyms found for drachma.

    Sounds like drachma

    Daricon darken Darsana deerskin derision di-iodotyrosine Didrikson dorsum dracaena drachm drachma Draconian dragoman dragon dragoon drag in drag on Dreissena drusen dry season Durkheim D region