What are the synonyms for eradicate?

Synonyms for eradicate

extirpate wipe out root out eliminate decimate exterminate annihilate carry off extinguish uproot

Definitions for eradicate

  • verb - kill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population"
  • verb - destroy completely
  • Pronounciation of eradicate

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    Antonyms for eradicate

    No antonyms found for eradicate.

    Holonyms for eradicate

    No holonyms found for eradicate.

    Hypernyms for eradicate

    kill destroy destruct

    Hyponyms for eradicate

    No hyponyms found for eradicate.

    Meronyms for eradicate

    No meronyms found for eradicate.

    Sounds like eradicate

    earthquake earth wax Erithacus erotic erotica eroticize erratic Eurydice