What are the synonyms for exterminate?

Synonyms for exterminate

extirpate kill off root out uproot eradicate

Definitions for exterminate

  • verb - kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many; "Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews
  • verb - destroy completely
  • Pronounciation of exterminate

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    Antonyms for exterminate

    No antonyms found for exterminate.

    Holonyms for exterminate

    No holonyms found for exterminate.

    Hypernyms for exterminate

    kill destroy destruct

    Hyponyms for exterminate

    No hyponyms found for exterminate.

    Meronyms for exterminate

    No meronyms found for exterminate.

    Sounds like exterminate

    easter Ecuador eighter eighty-three ejector equator ester Esther estuary excitatory excogitator excusatory executor exterior extra ex cathedra