What are the synonyms for extirpate?

Synonyms for extirpate

eradicate uproot exterminate deracinate root out

Definitions for extirpate

  • verb - surgically remove (an organ)
  • verb - pull up by or as if by the roots; "uproot the vine that has spread all over the garden"
  • verb - destroy completely
  • Pronounciation of extirpate

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    Antonyms for extirpate

    No antonyms found for extirpate.

    Holonyms for extirpate

    No holonyms found for extirpate.

    Hypernyms for extirpate

    destruct withdraw remove move take displace take away destroy

    Hyponyms for extirpate


    Meronyms for extirpate

    No meronyms found for extirpate.

    Sounds like extirpate

    easter Ecuador eighter eighty-three ejector equator ester Esther estuary excitatory excogitator excusatory executor exterior extra ex cathedra