What are the synonyms for funnies?

Synonyms for funnies

comic strip cartoon strip strip

Definitions for funnies

  • noun - a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
  • Pronounciation of funnies

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    Antonyms for funnies

    No antonyms found for funnies.

    Holonyms for funnies

    No holonyms found for funnies.

    Hypernyms for funnies

    cartoon sketch

    Hyponyms for funnies

    No hyponyms found for funnies.

    Meronyms for funnies

    No meronyms found for funnies.

    Sounds like funnies

    faience faineance famish famous fancy fang Faunus fawning feminineness feminise feminize fence feng shui Fennic Fenusa fewness fiance fiancee fibbing finance finances finch fineness finesse finicky finis finish fink Finnic Finnish