What are the synonyms for garment?

Synonyms for garment

garb fit out dress raiment apparel clothe tog enclothe habilitate

Definitions for garment

  • verb - provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child"
  • noun - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
  • Pronounciation of garment

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    Antonyms for garment

    No antonyms found for garment.

    Holonyms for garment

    No holonyms found for garment.

    Hypernyms for garment

    article of clothing habiliment vesture wear clothing wearable change state turn

    Hyponyms for garment

    peplos reversible scapular separate straitjacket sunsuit jumper workout suit swimming costume undergarment widow's weeds loincloth diaper surgical gown hand-me-down ironing laundry legging unitard motley peplus romper scapulary silks straightjacket swaddling clothes sweat suit swimsuit bathing costume unmentionable wet suit burqa nappy scrubs head covering jump suit wash leging body suit neckwear peplum romper suit scarf skirt suit swaddling bands sweatsuit swimwear trouser waistcoat wraparound breechcloth burka napkin haik veil jumpsuit washing leg covering cat suit overgarment outer garment raglan sackcloth sealskin stomacher suit of clothes sweater sweats bathing suit pant weeds breechclout camlet fur haick hose kanzu washables leotard mending cover shirt overclothe coat robe prim wrap up habit underdress costume gown prim up jacket vesture corset dress up prim out frock overdress shoe vest

    Meronyms for garment

    No meronyms found for garment.

    Sounds like garment

    No words sound like garment.