What are the synonyms for git?

Synonyms for git

skunk puke so-and-so rotter stinker crumb dirty dog stinkpot lowlife rat bum scum bag

Definitions for git

  • noun - a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat"; "throw the bum out"; "you cowardly little pukes!"; "the British call a contemptible person a `git'"
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    Antonyms for git

    No antonyms found for git.

    Holonyms for git

    No holonyms found for git.

    Hypernyms for git

    unpleasant person disagreeable person

    Hyponyms for git

    No hyponyms found for git.

    Meronyms for git

    No meronyms found for git.

    Sounds like git

    gad gaddi Gadidae gadoid gaiety gait gaseous state gasket gas heat gas jet gat gate gateau gateway GATT gaud Gaudi gaudy gazette Gd geode gestate get geta getaway get ahead get at get away get it get out