What are the synonyms for grownup?

Synonyms for grownup

full-grown fully grown adult grown big

Definitions for grownup

  • adjective - (of animals) fully developed; "an adult animal"; "a grown woman"
  • noun - a fully developed person from maturity onward
  • Pronounciation of grownup

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    Antonyms for grownup

    No antonyms found for grownup.

    Holonyms for grownup

    No holonyms found for grownup.

    Hypernyms for grownup

    someone somebody person mortal individual soul

    Hyponyms for grownup

    catch moderate type dolichocephalic host Jack of all trades man oldster pacifist pledgee sobersides homebody woman match moderationist case elder important person liberal adult male old person pacificist pledger sophisticate stoic adult female brachycephalic centrist character conservative senior influential person liberalist militarist senior citizen disarmer professional man of the world unemotional person caregiver middle of the roader eccentric conservativist ex-spouse personage progressive warmonger golden ager patrician professional person stay-at-home thoroughbred

    Meronyms for grownup

    No meronyms found for grownup.

    Sounds like grownup

    German bee German ivy Green Bay green mamba green pea grownup grump grumpy