hightail it

What are the synonyms for hightail it?

Synonyms for hightail it

run run away escape scarper bunk fly the coop turn tail head for the hills break away scat lam take to the woods

Definitions for hightail it

  • verb - flee; take to one's heels; cut and run; "If you see this man
  • Pronounciation of hightail it

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    Antonyms for hightail it

    No antonyms found for hightail it.

    Holonyms for hightail it

    No holonyms found for hightail it.

    Hypernyms for hightail it

    go forth go away leave

    Hyponyms for hightail it

    fly take flight skedaddle flee

    Meronyms for hightail it

    No meronyms found for hightail it.

    Sounds like hightail it

    hastily haughtily high-tail hightail high style hostel hostile hostilely hustle