What are the synonyms for humility?

Synonyms for humility


Definitions for humility

  • noun - a disposition to be humble; a lack of false pride; "not everyone regards humility as a virtue"
  • noun - a humble feeling; "he was filled with humility at the sight of the Pope"
  • Pronounciation of humility

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    Antonyms for humility

    conceit pride

    Holonyms for humility

    No holonyms found for humility.

    Hypernyms for humility

    trait feeling

    Hyponyms for humility

    meekness subduedness submission self-depreciation

    Meronyms for humility

    No meronyms found for humility.

    Sounds like humility

    Haemulidae Hamamelidae hamlet Hinault humiliate humiliated humility