What are the synonyms for jape?

Synonyms for jape

jest joke gag laugh

Definitions for jape

  • noun - a humorous anecdote or remark intended to provoke laughter; "he told a very funny joke"; "he knows a million gags"; "thanks for the laugh"; "he laughed unpleasantly at his own jest"; "even a schoolboy's jape is supposed to have some ascertainable point"
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    Antonyms for jape

    No antonyms found for jape.

    Holonyms for jape

    No holonyms found for jape.

    Hypernyms for jape

    witticism wit wittiness humor humour

    Hyponyms for jape

    thigh-slapper dirty joke ethnic joke funny sick joke belly laugh scream dirty story funny story in-joke sight gag sidesplitter wow blue joke good story one-liner visual joke howler riot blue story funny remark shaggy dog story

    Meronyms for jape

    No meronyms found for jape.

    Sounds like jape

    jab jack off jack up Jacob Jacobi Jaffa Jahvey Jap jape Java jazz up jeep Jehovah JHVH jib jibe jiffy jigaboo jive job jockey cap Joppa Joseph Jove juice up jujube JV