What are the synonyms for meanness?

Synonyms for meanness

closeness parsimony beastliness minginess parsimoniousness niggardliness tightness niggardness tightfistedness

Definitions for meanness

  • noun - extreme stinginess
  • noun - the quality of being deliberately mean
  • Pronounciation of meanness

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    Antonyms for meanness

    No antonyms found for meanness.

    Holonyms for meanness

    No holonyms found for meanness.

    Hypernyms for meanness

    malice stinginess malevolence malevolency

    Hyponyms for meanness

    miserliness pettiness littleness smallness

    Meronyms for meanness

    No meronyms found for meanness.

    Sounds like meanness

    No words sound like meanness.