What are the synonyms for perpetration?

Synonyms for perpetration

commission committal

Definitions for perpetration

  • noun - the act of committing a crime
  • Pronounciation of perpetration

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    Antonyms for perpetration

    No antonyms found for perpetration.

    Holonyms for perpetration

    No holonyms found for perpetration.

    Hypernyms for perpetration

    criminal offense criminal offence crime offence offense law-breaking

    Hyponyms for perpetration

    No hyponyms found for perpetration.

    Meronyms for perpetration

    No meronyms found for perpetration.

    Sounds like perpetration

    paper feed parapet parfait Parvati Pauropoda pepper pot perfidy Peripatidae peripeteia peripetia peripety perpetuate perpetuity pervade powerboat prefaded prepaid private private eye privet probate probity profit prohibit prohibited proofed prophet propitiate proved provide