What are the synonyms for prank?

Synonyms for prank

trick clowning caper japery antic put-on frivolity joke buffoonery harlequinade

Definitions for prank

  • verb - dress up showily; "He pranked himself out in his best clothes"
  • noun - a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
  • noun - acting like a clown or buffoon
  • verb - dress or decorate showily or gaudily; "Roses were pranking the lawn"
  • Pronounciation of prank

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    Antonyms for prank

    No antonyms found for prank.

    Holonyms for prank

    No holonyms found for prank.

    Hypernyms for prank

    folly lunacy foolery indulgence diversion tomfoolery recreation craziness fig out fancy up prink tog up grace fig up trick up attire tog out ornament overdress deck up deck out get up decorate embellish dress up gussy up trick out rig out adorn beautify

    Hyponyms for prank

    shtik schtik dirty trick shtick practical joke schtick

    Meronyms for prank

    No meronyms found for prank.

    Sounds like prank

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