What are the synonyms for riot?

Synonyms for riot

saturnalia public violence sidesplitter wow orgy bacchanal howler rioting debauch bacchanalia thigh-slapper debauchery drunken revelry belly laugh scream carouse roister

Definitions for riot

  • noun - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
  • noun - a public act of violence by an unruly mob
  • verb - engage in boisterous
  • verb - take part in a riot; disturb the public peace by engaging in a riot; "Students were rioting everywhere in 1968"
  • noun - a joke that seems extremely funny
  • noun - a state of disorder involving group violence
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    Antonyms for riot

    No antonyms found for riot.

    Holonyms for riot

    No holonyms found for riot.

    Hypernyms for riot

    force jest revel joke jape revelry gag disorder violence laugh make happy rampage racket whoop it up make whoopie jollify make merry wassail

    Hyponyms for riot

    race riot

    Meronyms for riot

    No meronyms found for riot.

    Sounds like riot

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