What are the synonyms for run-in?

Synonyms for run-in

quarrel dustup wrangle row words

Definitions for run-in

  • noun - an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
  • Pronounciation of run-in

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    Antonyms for run-in

    No antonyms found for run-in.

    Holonyms for run-in

    No holonyms found for run-in.

    Hypernyms for run-in

    dispute difference difference of opinion conflict

    Hyponyms for run-in

    affray bickering pettifoggery altercation spat fuss fracas tiff bust-up bicker squabble

    Meronyms for run-in

    No meronyms found for run-in.

    Sounds like run-in

    No words sound like run-in.