What are the synonyms for saturnalia?

Synonyms for saturnalia

riot orgy bacchanal debauch bacchanalia debauchery drunken revelry

Definitions for saturnalia

  • noun - a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
  • noun - an orgiastic festival in ancient Rome in honor of Saturn
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    Antonyms for saturnalia

    No antonyms found for saturnalia.

    Holonyms for saturnalia

    No holonyms found for saturnalia.

    Hypernyms for saturnalia

    fete revel revelry festival

    Hyponyms for saturnalia

    No hyponyms found for saturnalia.

    Meronyms for saturnalia

    No meronyms found for saturnalia.

    Sounds like saturnalia

    Saturn Saturnia saturnine Sauterne sectarian sheet iron sidearm side arm side drum southern squadron squad room stateroom state attorney stearin stern Sterna Sterne Sterninae sternum storeroom storm stormy strain strawman strawworm straw man straw wine stream Stroheim