What are the synonyms for seaman?

Synonyms for seaman

Jack sea dog mariner old salt Elizabeth Seaman tar seafarer Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman Jack-tar gob Nellie Bly

Definitions for seaman

  • noun - a man who serves as a sailor
  • noun - muckraking United States journalist who exposed bad conditions in mental institutions (1867-1922)
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    Antonyms for seaman

    No antonyms found for seaman.

    Holonyms for seaman

    No holonyms found for seaman.

    Hypernyms for seaman

    sailor crewman

    Hyponyms for seaman

    bos'n deckhand steerer officer whaler able seaman bo's'n roustabout lighterman ship's officer able-bodied seaman bosun helmsman bargeman pilot boatswain bo'sun steersman bargee sea lawyer

    Meronyms for seaman

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