set off

What are the synonyms for set off?

Synonyms for set off

explode incite actuate spark part set out detonate instigate trigger trigger off start take off blow up stir up activate touch off start out cancel bring out trip spark off depart set forth offset

Definitions for set off

  • verb - cause to burst with a violent release of energy; "We exploded the nuclear bomb"
  • verb - set in motion or cause to begin; "The guide set the tour off to a good start"
  • verb - direct attention to
  • verb - provoke or stir up; "incite a riot"; "set off great unrest among the people"
  • verb - put in motion or move to act; "trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits"
  • verb - leave; "The family took off for Florida"
  • verb - make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength"
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    Antonyms for set off

    No antonyms found for set off.

    Holonyms for set off

    No holonyms found for set off.

    Hypernyms for set off

    start emphasise provoke leave equilibrate commence punctuate stimulate go forth equilibrize change integrity begin stress accent initiate go away equilibrise lead off emphasize accentuate pioneer balance

    Hyponyms for set off

    foreground raise blaze counteract highlight take off blaze out countervail fulminate dynamite spotlight lift off sally forth neutralize pick up play up roar off sally out counterbalance

    Meronyms for set off

    No meronyms found for set off.

    Sounds like set off

    s.t.p. sawed-off sedative setoff setup set off set up shade off sheet web shoot up shtup shut off shut up siccative side of beef side view sit-up sit by sit up sixty-five skydive sky dive soda pop southpaw stab staff Staffa staph stative stave