What are the synonyms for slanting?

Synonyms for slanting

aslant sloped aslope sloping diagonal slanted

Definitions for slanting

  • adjective - having an oblique or slanted direction
  • Pronounciation of slanting

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    Antonyms for slanting

    No antonyms found for slanting.

    Holonyms for slanting

    No holonyms found for slanting.

    Hypernyms for slanting

    No hypernyms found for slanting.

    Hyponyms for slanting

    No hyponyms found for slanting.

    Meronyms for slanting

    No meronyms found for slanting.

    Sounds like slanting

    SACLANT salient Salientia salinate salinity salmonid Salmonidae salmwood schoolmate sealant Seeland sex-limited sex gland shell entity silent Sjaelland slant slant-eye slanted slimed social unit solemnity Solenidae solenoid Solent soul mate succulent Sulamyd Swaziland swollen-headed