What are the synonyms for sloped?

Synonyms for sloped

diagonal slanted aslant slanting aslope sloping

Definitions for sloped

  • adjective - having an oblique or slanted direction
  • Pronounciation of sloped

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    Antonyms for sloped

    No antonyms found for sloped.

    Holonyms for sloped

    No holonyms found for sloped.

    Hypernyms for sloped

    No hypernyms found for sloped.

    Hyponyms for sloped

    No hyponyms found for sloped.

    Meronyms for sloped

    No meronyms found for sloped.

    Sounds like sloped

    sailboat salivate Salpidae scalloped sculpt sculpted self-pity sell-by date sicklepod ski lift sleepy-eyed sleepyhead sleepyheaded sleep out sleep with sleeved Slo-Bid sloped slopped slubbed solvate solved soul food sulfate sulfide sulphate sulphide Sylviidae sylvite