What are the synonyms for soar?

Synonyms for soar

zoom soar upwards surge sailplane hang glide soar up

Definitions for soar

  • verb - go or move upward; "The stock market soared after the cease-fire was announced"
  • noun - the act of rising upward into the air
  • verb - fly a plane without an engine
  • verb - fly upwards or high in the sky
  • verb - rise rapidly; "the dollar soared against the yen"
  • verb - fly by means of a hang glider
  • Pronounciation of soar

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    Antonyms for soar

    No antonyms found for soar.

    Holonyms for soar

    No holonyms found for soar.

    Hypernyms for soar

    ascent ascension ascending fly move up pilot wing come up rise lift uprise go up arise aviate climb glide

    Hyponyms for soar

    billow wallow

    Meronyms for soar

    No meronyms found for soar.

    Sounds like soar

    SACEUR saguaro Sahara sahuaro Sakkara Saqqara Saqqarah Sarah saree sari saucer sauce chausseur Sauria saury Saussure Saussurea sawyer scar scare scarer scarey scare away scary sciara scissor scissure score scorer scoria scour