What are the synonyms for sword?

Synonyms for sword

blade brand steel

Definitions for sword

  • noun - a cutting or thrusting weapon that has a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard
  • Pronounciation of sword

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    Antonyms for sword

    No antonyms found for sword.

    Holonyms for sword

    No holonyms found for sword.

    Hypernyms for sword

    weapon arm weapon system

    Hyponyms for sword

    saber falchion backsword sabre fencing sword broadsword cutlas rapier cavalry sword cutlass tuck

    Meronyms for sword

    No meronyms found for sword.

    Sounds like sword

    saccharide sacred sard Sarda sash cord saucer-eyed sawwort sayeret scared Scaridae scarred schrod sciarid Sciaridae Sciuridae score out scoured screed scrod seagirt seared seaward seaworthy sea squirt secret secrete security see red serrate serrated