What are the synonyms for tempo?

Synonyms for tempo

pacing pace

Definitions for tempo

  • noun - (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played
  • noun - the rate of some repeating event
  • Pronounciation of tempo

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    Antonyms for tempo

    No antonyms found for tempo.

    Holonyms for tempo

    No holonyms found for tempo.

    Hypernyms for tempo

    musical time rate

    Hyponyms for tempo

    allegro beats per minute andante bpm accelerando meno mosso metronome marking allegretto rubato M.M.

    Meronyms for tempo

    No meronyms found for tempo.

    Sounds like tempo

    tamp Tampa Tampa Bay team up temp tempo thumb thump Tien-pao time off TMV TNF tomb tomboy tone up Toynbee tuition fee tumefy tune-up tune up