What are the synonyms for thought-reader?

Synonyms for thought-reader

mental telepathist mind reader telepathist

Definitions for thought-reader

  • noun - a magician who seems to discern the thoughts of another person (usually by clever signals from an accomplice)
  • noun - someone with the power of communicating thoughts directly
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    Antonyms for thought-reader

    No antonyms found for thought-reader.

    Holonyms for thought-reader

    No holonyms found for thought-reader.

    Hypernyms for thought-reader

    conjurer conjuror magician illusionist prestidigitator communicator

    Hyponyms for thought-reader

    No hyponyms found for thought-reader.

    Meronyms for thought-reader

    No meronyms found for thought-reader.

    Sounds like thought-reader

    take a dare take the air take water taster Tectaria testator tester testiere Texas star texture text editor thatch tree toaster together toothache tree tooth doctor toxic waste area twister two-seater