What are the synonyms for threepenny?

Synonyms for threepenny

two-a-penny sixpenny twopenny-halfpenny twopenny tuppeny

Definitions for threepenny

  • adjective - of trifling worth
  • adjective - used of nail size; 1 1/8 in long
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    Antonyms for threepenny

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    Holonyms for threepenny

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    Hypernyms for threepenny

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    Hyponyms for threepenny

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    Meronyms for threepenny

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    Sounds like threepenny

    tara vine tarpan tarpon terbium terpene Terrapene terrapin Thoreauvian threepenny Torrey pine tree of heaven trepan trephine treponema Trevino tribe Bovini Tribonema tribune trivium troponomy troponym troponymy true pine turban turbine turbofan Turfan Turpin