What are the synonyms for thrift?

Synonyms for thrift

parsimoniousness penny-pinching parsimony

Definitions for thrift

  • noun - extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily
  • noun - any of numerous sun-loving low-growing evergreens of the genus Armeria having round heads of pink or white flowers
  • Pronounciation of thrift

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    Antonyms for thrift

    No antonyms found for thrift.

    Holonyms for thrift

    Armeria genus Armeria

    Hypernyms for thrift

    frugalness subshrub suffrutex frugality

    Hyponyms for thrift

    sea pink Armeria maritima cliff rose

    Meronyms for thrift

    No meronyms found for thrift.

    Sounds like thrift

    tar pit terabit terabyte terrified tetrapod Theravada thereabout theropod Theropoda Thraupidae thrift thrifty thripid Thripidae throw a fit torpedo torpid torpidity tour of duty trabeate trabeated trapped trepid tribade tribute trifid Triopidae tripod trip out trivet