touch off

What are the synonyms for touch off?

Synonyms for touch off

trip set off actuate spark off trigger spark activate trigger off

Definitions for touch off

  • verb - put in motion or move to act; "trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits"
  • Pronounciation of touch off

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    Antonyms for touch off

    No antonyms found for touch off.

    Holonyms for touch off

    No holonyms found for touch off.

    Hypernyms for touch off

    initiate pioneer

    Hyponyms for touch off

    No hyponyms found for touch off.

    Meronyms for touch off

    No meronyms found for touch off.

    Sounds like touch off

    t-scope take-up takeoff take a bow take a hop take five take off take shape take up taxicab Tazicef TCP TCP/IP teacup teashop theosophy tick off Tishah b'Ab Tishah b'Av Tisha b'Ab Tisha b'Av toecap tog up toss-up tossup toss off touch off touch up toyshop tuck shop