What are the synonyms for unimportance?

Synonyms for unimportance

obscureness lowliness humbleness

Definitions for unimportance

  • noun - the quality of not being important or worthy of note
  • noun - the state of being humble and unimportant
  • Pronounciation of unimportance

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    Antonyms for unimportance


    Holonyms for unimportance

    No holonyms found for unimportance.

    Hypernyms for unimportance

    obscurity value

    Hyponyms for unimportance

    pettiness insignificance triviality slightness inessentiality puniness

    Meronyms for unimportance

    No meronyms found for unimportance.

    Sounds like unimportance

    No words sound like unimportance.