What are the synonyms for waft?

Synonyms for waft

streamer pennant pennon

Definitions for waft

  • verb - be driven or carried along
  • verb - blow gently; "A breeze wafted through the door"
  • noun - a long flag; often tapering
  • Pronounciation of waft

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    Antonyms for waft

    No antonyms found for waft.

    Holonyms for waft

    No holonyms found for waft.

    Hypernyms for waft

    flag be adrift blow float drift

    Hyponyms for waft

    pennoncelle pennoncel penoncel

    Meronyms for waft

    No meronyms found for waft.

    Sounds like waft

    waft wapiti web-footed web-toed webbed webfoot weft whippet wiped out wipeout wipe out