What are the synonyms for whiskery?

Synonyms for whiskery

bewhiskered whiskered bearded barbate

Definitions for whiskery

  • adjective - having hair on the cheeks and chin
  • Pronounciation of whiskery

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    Antonyms for whiskery

    No antonyms found for whiskery.

    Holonyms for whiskery

    No holonyms found for whiskery.

    Hypernyms for whiskery

    No hypernyms found for whiskery.

    Hyponyms for whiskery

    No hyponyms found for whiskery.

    Meronyms for whiskery

    No meronyms found for whiskery.

    Sounds like whiskery

    wager wagerer waggery waker washer weigher Weser whacker whicker whisker whiskery whiskey sour whisky sour wicker wiseacre