wipe out

What are the synonyms for wipe out?

Synonyms for wipe out

extinguish cancel out consume deplete eradicate kill eat up exhaust eliminate decimate obliterate use up run through annihilate carry off erase eat sweep away

Definitions for wipe out

  • verb - kill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population"
  • verb - wipe out the effect of something; "The new tax effectively cancels out my raise"; "The `A' will cancel out the `C' on your record"
  • verb - mark for deletion
  • verb - remove from memory or existence; "The Turks erased the Armenians in 1915"
  • verb - use up (resources or materials); "this car consumes a lot of gas"; "We exhausted our savings"; "They run through 20 bottles of wine a week"
  • verb - eliminate completely and without a trace; "The old values have been wiped out"
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    Antonyms for wipe out

    No antonyms found for wipe out.

    Holonyms for wipe out

    No holonyms found for wipe out.

    Hypernyms for wipe out

    eliminate take out destroy get rid of spend destruct kill do away with expend extinguish take away drop

    Hyponyms for wipe out

    indulge burn up play out luxuriate spend sap run out burn off run down tire drain burn exhaust

    Meronyms for wipe out

    No meronyms found for wipe out.

    Sounds like wipe out

    waft wapiti web-footed web-toed webbed webfoot weft whippet wiped out wipeout wipe out