What are the synonyms for zoom?

Synonyms for zoom

rapid climb soar rapid growth soar upwards whizz along surge zoom along soar up whizz

Definitions for zoom

  • noun - the act of rising upward into the air
  • verb - rise rapidly; "the dollar soared against the yen"
  • verb - move along very quickly
  • verb - move with a low humming noise
  • noun - a rapid rise
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    Antonyms for zoom

    No antonyms found for zoom.

    Holonyms for zoom

    No holonyms found for zoom.

    Hypernyms for zoom

    ascension rising ascending rise ascent move up travel rapidly travel go up speed go lift come up hurry move arise uprise zip locomote

    Hyponyms for zoom

    billow wallow

    Meronyms for zoom

    No meronyms found for zoom.

    Sounds like zoom

    Zama zaman zamia zany zayin Zeeman Zen Zeno zeugma Zinnemann zinnia Zion Zizania Zn zona zone zoom zoom in zucchini Zuni Zygnema zygoma