Quercus wizlizenii

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Definitions for Quercus wizlizenii

  • noun - a small shrubby evergreen tree of western North America similar to the coast live oak but occurring chiefly in foothills of mountain ranges removed from the coast; an important part of the chaparral
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    Synonyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    interior live oak Quercus wislizenii

    Antonyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    No antonyms found for Quercus wizlizenii.

    Hypernyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    live oak

    Hyponyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    No hyponyms found for Quercus wizlizenii.

    Meronyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    No meronyms found for Quercus wizlizenii.

    Sounds like Quercus wizlizenii

    No words sound like Quercus wizlizenii.

    Holonyms for Quercus wizlizenii

    No holonyms found for Quercus wizlizenii.