military personnel

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Definitions for military personnel

  • noun - soldiers collectively
  • noun - someone who serves in the armed forces; a member of a military force; "two men stood sentry duty"
  • Pronounciation of military personnel

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    Synonyms for military personnel

    military man soldiery man troops serviceman

    Antonyms for military personnel

    No antonyms found for military personnel.

    Hypernyms for military personnel

    trained worker force skilled workman personnel skilled worker

    Hyponyms for military personnel

    devil dog officer veteran volunteer horse cavalry commander machine gunner sailor boy conscript inductee leatherneck noncombatant vet military volunteer friendly horse artilleryman bluejacket commando enlisted person shipboard soldier occupier ex-serviceman voluntary hostile garrison cannoneer navy man ranger Marine military officer striper veteran soldier cavalry air force officer gunner sailor draftee

    Meronyms for military personnel

    No meronyms found for military personnel.

    Sounds like military personnel

    malodor malodour melter meltwater military milliliter millilitre molder molter monolatry moulder moulter muleteer mule deer

    Holonyms for military personnel

    military group army unit force military unit military force