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Definitions for phytology

  • noun - the branch of biology that studies plants
  • Pronounciation of phytology

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    Synonyms for phytology


    Antonyms for phytology

    No antonyms found for phytology.

    Hypernyms for phytology

    biology biological science

    Hyponyms for phytology

    mycology phycology pomology algology paleobotany pteridology palaeobotany

    Meronyms for phytology

    No meronyms found for phytology.

    Sounds like phytology

    padlock pathless pathologic pathology Pedaliaceae pedology pep talk petal-like petalless petallike petalous photalgia Phytolacca Phytolaccaceae phytology pitiless podalgia podlike potluck ptyalise ptyalize

    Holonyms for phytology

    No holonyms found for phytology.